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Wildflower Press is a labour of love run by me, Tamara De Dominicis. I'm a writer and artist primarily but starting the press has taught me a lot about web design, social marketing, sales, and fundraising. Artist, writer and all-around creative Daniel R Wilson has recently joined me as associate editor, so please give him a warm welcome! I get lots of help from my spouse and my team of unwavering supporters, my friends and family.

Wildflower Press is looking ahead to exciting new opportunities in 2023 as we plan to launch new chapbooks and our Manuscript Buddy Program.



Where the landscape listens is a collection of poetry that engages a conversation between humans and the natural world. Moving from shorter pieces in free verse, to long-form poetry, to small haiku songs, the work as a whole is concerned with learning the language of the natural world to communicate our parallel and sympathetic concerns. At the core, this book seeks to blur the boundaries between humans and nature, and to inspire us all to become adept listeners to one another.

We hold each other safe here, where the landscape listens, and exchange our stories with the sea. 

Tamara De Dominicis



Wayward weeds is a story about the unexpectedness of the fall - of fall, of falling, of falling in love. It tells of the time in the year when summer turns the corner to autumn and suddenly the world is filled with the golden glow of the sun lighting up a a yellowing maple tree. Under the tree, sunshine bathing their skin, is someone who will become the love of your life.

​You took hold of me like a weed rooting in my heart. At first, I didn’t even notice you were there but as soon as the soft morning dawn of our friendship bathed you in its light, you flourished. Your strong roots held fast the crumbling yet fertile soil of my heart. Soon we were together the unexpected spring of a field of wildflowers, easing the eye with colour after a bleak winter of grey. A soft meadow of yellow and green, punctuated with purple stars. All of my favourite flowers are weeds.


Re(turn) was included in Ontario's Culture Days with Burlington Public Art in 2021. This temporary art installation appeared along The Beachway's multi-use trail along with other poems, stories, and pieces of visual art created by Burlington residents.

Tamara's piece, To Re-Emerge, will be part of 2022's collection.

To learn more about Ontario's Culture Days and find events located near you, follow the link below.

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A zine that offers a glimpse into our thoughts and feelings around the COVID-19 pandemic through art, poetry, essays, and other creative means.

This zine is a digital space where all different voices can come together and express their feelings around this unprecedented time in a variety of ways so that we can connect with one another through art. Subsequent issues will help us navigate through this time together, so if you have something you want to contribute please reach out to on Instagram or email wayward.weeds [at]

Proceeds from the sale of the zine are donated to local charities in the spirit of community building and the power of the creative arts.


Tamara De Dominicis (she/her) is a poet in ceaseless conversation with the natural landscape. When not writing, she can usually ben found talking to plants, soaking in sunshine, and drinking excessive amounts of coffee. She is always searching for the beautiful in the ordinary, the evidence of the past in the present moment, and the seeds of connection and kindness in us all. These themes are present in her writing and congruent with her goals of daily living.



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